The Starknet Chimpion is a collection of 3,000 algorithmically generated Chimp Champions from hundreds of various elements
Each Chimp has its own unique traits, personalities, all go through different stories later in life, but all of them are champions, at least in someone's heart.

Collecting Chimpion is not simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art, but we want to build Chimpion as an iconic image that has its own identity. We’re building a Chimpverse for all chimp to interact & play with each other while earn money!


CLUB’s manager

The club is managed by a big team with big ambitions.

T Tao

Art Director, Lead Project


Don Francis
Project Leader


Chimp Developer

M. Nicky

Club Senior Mod



Who are we?
We are a team 4 members who work in different fields: Digital Arts, Developing & Coding, Senior Manager and even Project Management. We come here together to bring ideas to existence.
Our Vision?
We come together to bring ideas to existence. Our team has been working for big name projects & we gathered to build something special & unique - create our own Metaverse on Starknet where everyone can interact & play games while making income.
How to mint?
Mint will take place on our website: https://starknet-chimp.xyz/ - We're launching on Starknet Mainnet

You’ll need to connect to your ArgentX Wallet - make sure to bridge funds from your Metamask (Ethereum Network) to ArgentX Wallet via Starkgate (https://starkgate.starknet.io/).

You’ll be asked to sign a contract & choose the amount of NFTs you want to mint.

Do not send funds from an exchange or your NFTs might get lost.
Will the mint be on Mintsquare?
Even though we wish it were, Mintsquare is full on their launchpad slots till December - so we have been writing our own smart contracts in Cairo - which is still in early development & has lots of bugs

However, the good news is that Mintsquare is our official partner & will support us in various ways.

What are the maximum NFTs per transaction?
Whitelist & OG: maximum 2 per transaction

Public Sale: unlimited per transaction
How do i participate in P2E Game?
We are building the game behind the scene, our demo will go live soon while the BETA gameplay will be available in Q3-2023

To participate, you will be required to hold at least 1 Starknet Chimpion NFT to participate

Also, you’ll be able to lend your assets for players as a source of passive income!